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Traveling to Vienna is a popular pastime among Europeans and international travelers alike. The allure of Vienna lies in its truly astounding history, which is wrapped up in the amazing structures that are leftover from a time when Austria was a great empire and Vienna was its capital. Though founded by the Romans, it was the Hapsburgs who left their mark on Vienna, basing their empire from the city for several centuries, and those influences can still be felt in the most grandiose of Vienna’s structures, such as the sensational Hofburg Palace, which stands at the city’s heart.

But Vienna is also a modern metropolis, and as the largest city in Austria as well as the country’s capital, Vienna holds no shortage of interesting activities and sightseeing, as well as wonderful restaurants and nightlife. Renowned for its café scene, the grand coffee shops and old world bars of Vienna are perhaps its greatest delights - calm places where you can while away an afternoon in thoughts of music notes and dusty books.

The Viennese also love their beer, and of course, great Austrian fare. So, it is never difficult to find a restaurant boasting any number of hearty dishes designed to warm and fill, such as the famed Wiener Schnitzel, a fried fillet of veal or pork that has made the city’s name famous around the world.

In terms of cultural attractions, Vienna is truly a wondrous destination. For starters, the entirety of the old city center is inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meaning you are never very far from a historic site when you travel to Vienna. Institutions like the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna Opera) and the Albertina, along with a literal host of amazing museums, make Vienna a cultural travel destination like no other.

Located along the glorious Danube River, Vienna also boasts some fine beaches along the riverbanks for sunning and swimming, and spending a day along the river is a common Viennese tradition among locals. Numerous pools and spas have also sprouted all over the city - many of them alongside the river, too - meaning you are never very far from water. A true miracle in a city so far from the sea!

The city’s easygoing climate makes Vienna travel even easier. Although winters do tend to be cold and see some snow, its location on the flat Central European plains means that the weather in Vienna is almost always temperate, and summers here are usually warm but not too hot, making Vienna a comfortable place to travel, even in the deepest parts of July and August.

With its efficient and fast metro system, which is comprised of an underground, as well as street trams, buses, commuter rails and a mainline train, it is literally impossible to get lost in Vienna, or to find yourself without transport. To boot, the system is cheap and easy to maneuver, and the city itself is not too spread out, making the main sights highly walkable during your Vienna travels.

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